农场ers Restaurant Group and its affiliates (“农场ers Restaurant Group”) respect your privacy and values your trust. This is why we are committed to protecting your privacy and using the information you share 与我们 responsibly to better serve you. 我们的隐私政策描述了我们收集信息的方式, 使用, 披露和保护您在我们网站上提供的个人信息, www.农场ersRestaurantGroup.com, www.WeAreFounding农场ers.com, www.农场ersAndDistillers.com, www.农场ersFishersBakers.com, www.FoundingSpirits.com, www.Founding农场ers第一个Bake.com, www.DanSimonsSays.com (在一起, “网站”), as well as information collected when you visit our stores or otherwise communicate or interact 与我们.



我们可能会收集以下有关您的信息:您的姓名, 邮寄地址, 电子邮件地址, 电话号码, 支付卡信息, 生日, 产品的偏好, 人口统计信息和您选择提供的任何其他信息. We may collect a record of your purchases and any other personal or preference information you provide to us. 当您访问我们的商店或网站时,我们会收集这些信息, 在我们的商店或网上购买产品, 在线提供产品评论, 参与我们的服务, 进入抽奖环节, 促销或忠诚度计划, 回应调查, 加入我们的邮件列表,接收我们的营销材料,包括电子邮件.


每次您访问本网站时,我们可能会自动收集某些类型的信息. 我们可能自动收集的资料示例如下:

  • 我们可能会记录您的互联网服务提供商地址, 您的互联网协议或IP地址, 你的MAC地址, 您的操作系统, 你来的那个网页, 你的网页浏览器软件, 用于链接到网页的手持或移动设备的类型, 以及浏览器上的语言和时区设置;
  • 我们可能会收集您访问本网站时的活动记录或您的“点击流”;
  • 我们可能会使用不同类型的“cookies”来识别您的计算机. cookie是一个小的文本文件, 在线申请, or e-mail may save to your internet browser and/or your computer’s hard drive for 使用 in subsequent visits to the Site or other sites;
  • 我们可以使用网络信标, 匹配脚本, pixel tags or similar technologies that allow us to know if a particular web page was visited, 打开了一封电子邮件, 利用电子邮件中的链接 or if the advertisements on the Site or other sites were effective. In some instances, these technologies may allow us to match activities with particular 使用rs;
  • We may collect mobile and location-based information if you elect to utilize the Wi-Fi 服务 in our stores; and
  • 我们可能会收集您输入的任何信息, 分享或可从您使用我们的应用程序获得的信息, 游戏, 竞赛, 或促销活动.



Information you provide at our restaurants may be combined with information that you provide online at the Site, 以及我们自动收集的有关您的兴趣和购买的信息. The information you provide to us may also be combined with demographic and other information that is available from other sources in order to allow us to better communicate with you and enhance our customer service and your shopping experience.


除了, 我们从其他来源收集信息, 通过或与农民餐厅集团赞助的应用程序或软件相关联, 或在我们托管或赞助的其他网站上. We may combine or cross reference this information with other information that we collect about you to help us improve the quality of your experience with 农场ers Restaurant Group and tailor communications to your interests.


我们邀请您和您的朋友使用社交媒体与我们联系和互动, 比如参加我们的比赛, 发布内容, 分享我们网站上的资料, 使用我们的社交媒体插件. 当你与, 或者如果你是…的粉丝/追随者, 在社交媒体上的农民餐厅群, 我们可能会收到您的用户ID等信息, 你的头像, 你上传的照片, 以及其他配置文件元素, 包括任何评论, 与我们. Note that your 使用 of social media is subject to the terms and conditions and privacy policies of each respective social media platform, the information you share 与我们 and with others is largely controlled by the privacy settings you have established at those platforms.


农场ers Restaurant Group may 使用 information about you for the purposes described in this Policy or disclosed to you on the Site, 包括处理和完成你的餐厅和网上订单, 与您沟通并向您发送有关我们产品的信息, 服务, 竞赛, 和促销活动, 管理和完成我们的竞赛和促销活动, 防止欺诈和监视盗窃, conduct research and help us learn more about your food preferences and enhance your dining experience, 查看我们网站的哪些区域访问量最大, 多久一次,多长时间, 回应您的客户服务咨询, 并根据本政策其他地方的需要或描述进行其他业务活动.


农场ers Restaurant Group only shares information about our customers with affiliated companies, 精心挑选的供应商, 业务合作伙伴和其他组织为您提供更好的服务. 这些公司需要你的信息, 包括你的名字, address, 电话号码, 电子邮件地址和信用卡信息, 履行其服务功能(如处理和履行您的订单), 验证您的信用卡信息, 并保护你免受欺诈). 我们也会分享您的信息, 包括你的名字, address, 电话号码, 电子邮件地址, 用餐/食物偏好, with specially chosen companies that help us with marketing functions (such as manage our Internet business, 维护和管理我们的客户信息, 以及推广我们的产品和服务). And at times we may share information with other companies that have a product or service that we believe will be of interest to you and/or may help them serve you better. We may engage vendors to serve advertisements on our behalf across the Internet and to provide analytics 服务. 这些实体可能会向您收集某些信息(e).g. 点击流信息, 浏览器类型, 时间和日期, 硬件/软件信息, 饼干ID, IP地址, 等.) when you visit our website and 使用 that information to provide advertisements about goods and 服务 that are deemed to be of greater interest to you.

我们可能会分享与您有关的信息, 或者在谈判中, 任何合并, 出售公司资产, 将我们的全部或部分业务融资或转让给另一家公司. 除了, 如果我们涉及破产或重组程序, 这些信息可能被视为公司的资产, 并可能出售或转让给第三方.

在某些情况下, we may share your information in response to legal process or as otherwise required by law.


在我们网站的某些区域,我们可能会提供到另一个网站的链接. 其他网站, 包括社交媒体网站, 是否有自己的隐私和安全政策, 这些可能与我们的不同.


你可以复习一下, 更新, 更正或删除我们所拥有的有关您的个人信息, 如果有任何, 通过Updates@FRGbet356手机版.农场.


我们可能会使用我们收集的信息定期向您发送电子邮件, mailed circulars or other marketing communications informing you of promotions and offers, 或者征求你的意见. You may opt-out of receiving these communications by following the unsubscribe option in the email or contacting us at Updates@FRG.农场.   如果你选择退出, 您仍将继续收到订单和预订信息, 回答客户服务问题, 以及我们网站上可能与您个人相关的变化信息.

You also have the right to ask us to delete your information from our systems or opt out of any third party sharing of your information by contacting us or mail us at 农场ers Restaurant Group Stores, 公司. 地址:康科德街10606号201号农家餐厅集团营销部. 肯辛顿,马里兰州20895,或Updates@FRG.农场.

当我们向邮件列表发送电子邮件时, 我们有时会追踪, 邮件是在哪里打开的, 如果有任何内容被点击, 邮件被审查了多长时间, 电子邮件是在什么平台上打开的.e. Webmail、桌面或移动端),用于打开邮件的浏览器(如.e. Edge、Chrome、Firefox等.),以及谁打印并转发了这些邮件. We do this to measure the performance of our email campaigns and to improve our offerings to you based on your level of engagement.



The Site is not specifically directed towards children and we do not collect personal information about children under the age of 13 without verifiable parental consent. 13岁以下儿童不得使用本网站. If we learn that a child under the age of 13 has submitted personally identifiable information online without parental consent, we will take all reasonable measures to delete such information from our databases and to not 使用 such information for any purpose (except w在这里 necessary to protect the safety of the child or others as required or allowed by law).  If you become aware of any personally identifiable information we have collected from children under 13, 请通过市场部与我们联系, 农民餐厅集团套房201康科德街10606号. 肯辛顿,马里兰州20895或Updates@FRG.农场.


Minors under 18 years of age may have the personal information that they provide to us through the Site deleted by sending an email to Updates@FRG.请求删除农场.  请注意, 尽管我们已作出合理的努力来遵守这些要求, deletion of your personal information does not ensure complete and comprehensive removal of that data from all systems.


“Cookies” are small text files that are transferred from websites to your computer’s hard drive that may serve a variety of purposes (web beacons, Flash cookie和其他类似技术也可用于这些目的). 当您使用我们的网站时, we, 像很多其他网站一样, place a cookie on your computer to identify you to provide a more convenient experience and to place advertisements for our products and 服务 and those of third parties on our website and third-party sites. 如果你愿意, you can visit our website without cookies by turning them off in your Internet or mobile browser, 但是某些特征, 包括将商品添加到购物车中, 购物, 或者预订, 可能无法使用. 我们可以使用“像素标签”(例如.g. web beacons or similar technologies) that allow us to know if a particular web page was visited, 一封电子邮件打开了, 利用电子邮件中的链接, 网上购物的交易, 以及某个广告或电子邮件是否有效.

We or our partners may also 使用 Flash cookies (also known as Local Stored Objects) or other similar technologies. A Flash cookie is a small data file placed on a computer using Adobe Flash or similar technology that may be built into your computer or downloaded or installed by you to your computer. 我们使用这些技术来个性化和增强您的在线体验, 促进流程, 个性化和存储您的设置. Flash cookie可以帮助我们的网站访问者, 例如, 设置与视频体验相关的音量偏好并执行调查. They help us improve our Site by measuring which areas are of greatest interest to customers. 它们可能被其他网站或我们的营销或业务合作伙伴认可. Flash cookies are different from browser cookies and the cookie management tools provided by your browser may not remove Flash cookies. 点击 在这里  学习如何管理Flash cookie的隐私和存储设置. 如果您禁用Flash cookie或其他类似技术, please be aware that you may not have access to certain features and 服务 that make your online experience more efficient and enjoyable.

我们也可以使用网络信标, 哪些是可以在我们的网站或电子邮件中使用的电子图像. 我们使用网络信标来传递cookie, 统计访问, understand usage and campaign effectiveness and to tell if an email has been opened and acted upon.


Please keep in mind that 不要跟踪 is a privacy preference that 使用rs can set in some web browsers, 允许选择退出网站和在线服务的跟踪. 此时此刻, the World Web Consortium has not yet established universal standards for recognizable 不要跟踪 Signals and t在这里fore, 农民餐厅集团不承认所有技术的不跟踪. 如果制定了标准,我们可能会重新审视这一政策.


We may also enter into agreements with third parties that possess technology that allows the Site to 使用 targeting or advertising cookies to see which areas and features are popular, 统计访问 to our website and customize the advertising and marketing messages you receive on the Site. 出于此目的,这些信息可能会与这些第三方共享. The Site may 使用 Google Analytics and the third-party cookie Double点击 to optimize our Site based on the traffic we receive and assist with marketing. 了解更多关于谷歌Analytics的信息, including options for opting out and/or managing the ads you may see online please visit: www.谷歌.com/policies/privacy/partners.

We also provide interest-based advertising about our products and 服务 on other parties’ websites. We may 使用 third-party advertising companies that 使用 tracking technologies to serve our advertisements across the Internet. These companies may collect information about your visits to the Site and other websites and your interaction with our advertising and other communications. These advertising companies serve ads on behalf of us and others on non-affiliated sites, 其中一些广告可能是个性化的, meaning that they are intended to be relevant to you based on information collected about your visits to the Site and elsew在这里 over time. 其他公司也可能使用此类技术在我们的网站上做广告. 您可以选择告诉我们不收集和使用这些信息. 如果您不希望参与通过这些解决方案提供的服务, you can always opt-out of this activity by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) website by clicking http://www.networkadvertising.org/managing/opt_out.asp. 如果您将浏览器配置为在访问这些页面时拒绝cookie, 或者你后来删除了你的cookies, 使用不同的设备或更换网页浏览器, 您的退出选择可能无效,可能需要重复. 浏览器设置, 包括不跟踪信号等机制, will not affect data collection and not constitute an opt-out of advertising-related cookies, personalized third-party advertising or promotional messages from 农场ers Restaurant Group; you must 使用 the opt-out choice described 在这里in in order to opt out from such promotional messages.


您的个人信息安全对我们非常重要. We 使用 industry-standard security techniques on the Site to help protect against the loss, 滥用或更改在本网站向您收集的信息. 在我们努力保护您的网上交易, 我们使用一种叫做安全套接字层(SSL)的技术.  如果您的浏览器支持SSL(大多数浏览器都支持), 您的个人信息将被自动加密, 或编码, 在通过互联网发送之前. 然而, 同时我们努力保护您的个人信息, 我们无法保证您传送给我们的信息的安全. 在这方面, we urge you to take every precaution to protect your personal data while you are on the Internet. 至少, we encourage you to make sure that you are using a secure browser as you surf the Internet.

农家餐厅集团拥有WPEngine的数字证书.  If you enter any protected part of the website w在这里 your personal information is needed, 一个“关闭的锁”或其他图标将出现在页面的底部. 网站安全信息可以看到,如果你点击这个图标. This icon alerts you that your personal information is being encrypted when it is transmitted to 农场ers Restaurant Group. Additionally, on all protected pages of our website, the address will begin with http://.



加州民法典第1798条.83 permits 农场ers Restaurant Group customers who are California residents to request certain information about our disclosure of personal information during the prior calendar year to third parties for their direct marketing purposes. To make such a request, 请按联络我们或邮寄至农夫酒家集团专卖店, 公司. 地址:康科德街10606号201号农家餐厅集团营销部. 肯辛顿,马里兰州20895.  California residents under 18 who are registered 使用rs may ask us to remove content or information that you have posted to this website. 删除张贴的内容或信息, 请按联络我们或邮寄至农夫酒家集团专卖店, 公司. 地址:康科德街10606号201号农家餐厅集团营销部. 肯辛顿,马里兰州20895.  请注意 processing your request does not ensure complete or comprehensive removal of the content that you posted.

如果你是加州居民, you also have the right to access any personal information we have collected about you and inquire about our collection, 出售和披露您的个人信息通过bet356手机版Updates@FRG.农场或访问t359bs.lmzf.net/contact.

Your exercise of these rights will have no adverse effect on the price and quality of our goods and 服务.


Beca使用 our business changes all the time, so does our 隐私政策 and our 安全注意. 请查看我们的网站了解更改. If you have questions or concerns with respect to our 隐私政策 or our 安全注意, 请随时与我们联系.